Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's All Happening at the Zoo: Lincoln Park Zoo

Because D.C. becomes such a zoo in the summer tourist season, we haven't had many chances to actually go to, um, the zoo.  Last time we went I think mom seriously considered putting one of those monkey backpack leashes on Kane.  Then she checked herself and decided we'd put the zoo on hold for a bit.  So we were really excited when she said we were going to get a chance to be those zoo tourists in Chicago.  We hit up the Lincoln Park Zoo one Wednesday and because we got there early we also got to check out a few stands at the Green City Market (which is held directly across from the zoo on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7 am - 1 pm).  We got to try out some really yummy apple cider donuts (which is good because we didn't get a chance to check out the Oak Park Farmer's Market or its legendary donuts at all during our stay) and snagged a smoothie and some crepes, but when mom heard their wasn't a coffee joint up and running, we hit the road.

Perfect timing because we showed up at the zoo farm's milking and cow feeding session.  Which was awesome.  And then we got to pet some goats.  And then those were pretty much the last animals we saw.  A few zebras here and there and some gorillas.  But we couldn't find many animals at the zoo.  No worry - we are animals enough on our own.  We had a nice time walking around, looking at the pretty gardens, listening to music, and had a good (especially for the price) lunch at the zoo's Park Place Cafe.  We even had a few sips of straight sugar water out of our cute animal thermoses before mom realized that it wasn't water and made us empty them out.  Boo.

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