Friday, August 5, 2011

You're the Flowers in my House: National Arboretum Redux

In the first few days of mom's new gig as a SAHM, we visited the National Arboretum to see the azaleas (mostly).  We recently went back, and took daddy with us!, to visit the Capitol Columns more closely and see the koi fish again (armed with quarters for food this time).  It was INSANELY HOT out and much busier on the weekend, but we had fun playing on the Columns (and learned that Boo-Boo could climb them with a little help from daddy), saw four giant frogs in the azalea frog pond, and had a nice little lunch by the koi pond (on the weekends, at least right now, there is a little food stand set up by the pond from 11 - 4 -- selling simple wrap sandwiches, chips, drinks, and water ice).  Even though we didn't really explore any new areas beyond our first trip (well, we spent more time at the Columns this time), it was too hot and we'll just have to go back!

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