Friday, August 26, 2011

And Now I'm Swimming: Ridgeland Common Pool

One of the few days we stayed local on our Chi-town vacaye, we got to hit up mom's old pool -- Ridgeland Common (where you can also ice skate during the winter).  It looks A LOT like it did when mom used to ride her bike there, although mom claims the locker rooms have been revamped (but still smell exactly the same) and the kiddie pool, too.  Too bad she wouldn't get us any of those "super ropes" about which she and Aunt Carrie were reminiscing.  It was also too bad that the daily rate to swim was $9 - PER PERSON, including me - and I'm 15 months old.  Well, if you lived close by you could get a Family Pass (which would also get you in to Rehm Pool).  We had a fun time at family swim, even though we had a bit of a hard time sharing our water toys that we brought.  We loved the kiddie pool, but Kane and I both wanted to go in the big kid pool, too.  Apparently Kane was making the hard sell for daddy to let him go off of the lower diving board and even tried to climb up it once.  Faker - I know he wouldn't really do it.  On the other hand, if that death trap of a high diving board was still in at Rehm, I'd be off that thing lickity split.

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