Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Day: Shrinky Dink FAIL

Mom thought for sure that I would be into shrinky dinks -- I generally try to get in on anything going in the oven for the mere fact that I am supposed to stay away from it.  We tried these out at Nona's a while back, but I just wasn't into it -- the colored pencils weren't that cool, it was hard to color on the little designs, and I just didn't get the point.  Come to think of it, mom couldn't come up with a good explanation of what we were supposed to DO with these shrinky dinks once we shrank them.  I think I just didn't like having my artistic expression directed.  Well, we have plans to try these homemade shrinky dinks in the future.  And mom is chomping at the bit for us to get older so we can try this.  So maybe those will work out.  Or maybe mom will be left by herself again making small, plastic, um, things.

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