Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pirate ships, pirate ships: Tall Ship Windy

Ahoy matey!  We set sail last week for mom's hometown for a visit to Grandpa and Grammie B.  My first order of bizness was to get out for a sail!  Since Grammie and Grandpa got rid of their boat a few years ago (boo!), mom and dad bought tickets for a morning pirate sail on the tall ship Windy.  It was pretty rainy and windy, but we're tough pirates and went out for the sail anyway (fortunately they hung a cover over the seating, although that meant they couldn't hoist all of the sails).  AND there were REAL pirates on board who told great pirate stories and we shot a cannon, too.  I wanted to spend a fair amount of time inside at the snack bar, but Cami was all for staying out in the wind and rain.  Mom brought eye patches for everyone, but no one was interested in wearing them - shocking.  This was not an inexpensive sail, darn pillaging pirates, but it was worth it (even in the rain).

We are plotting our next sails locally via the Urban Pirates (Balto) and Pirate Adventures (Annapolis), about both of which we've heard good things.

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Darcy said...

This looks awesome! We'll have to check this out next time we visit my mom!