Thursday, August 11, 2011

Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City: Pier Shops at Caesar's and Rainforest Cafe

We had one really rainy morning in New Jersey last week so we decided to take a little trip down to the AC boardwalk.  There isn't a whole lot to do for kids (especially kids our age) in that 'hood, but mom thought we'd give the "water show" at Caesar's Pier Shops another shot (Kane generally doesn't like really LOUD things, but I do).  The "water show" is a "light, water and sound show" that takes place every hour on the hour.  As with prior attempts, Kane wanted to bolt immediately.  Nona took him up to the third level that has Adirondack chairs in some sand overlooking the ocean and boardwalk -- he always gets a kick out of that.  I watched the show for a bit with Grandpa D-Rock (and mom lit up the Janie and Jack sale - shocking).  At least it was somewhere indoors for us to run around for a bit.

Then we moved on to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.  Chain restaurants aren't typically our bag (except "Old MacDonalds, obvi), but I'd never been so mom thought to give it a shot.  We got hooked up with a booth right next to one of the gorillas, Kane was slightly less terrified this time (slightly), and I DUG it.  I spent much of my meal screaming at the gorilla to dance and make noise.  And I loved all of the fish tanks.

And when we left, the sun had come out so we got a post-nap beach trip in after all.

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