Monday, August 22, 2011

So Raise Your Glass: Meridian Pint

Heading out on vacation (and returning) usually means we get to eat out -- to avoid unnecessary food spoilage, right mom?  The night before we took off on our last summer vacaye to Chi-town we hit up one of our favorite local joints for dinner -- Meridian Pint.  Now this might not seem like the most kid friendly place at first glance - it's a bar, there is no kids menu, and um, it's a bar.  BUT because it's a bar, it's loud and it has a mini "juke box."  It also happens to have pretty kick-A mac and cheese (for just $5) and the waitstaff recognizes the need to bring milk to the table ASAP.  Cami and I also like the goat cheese risotto cakes and the brat (sans sauerkraut).  Mom and dad love the beer, the beer, and the beer.  There are no rezzies for the tables upstairs (you can make reservations for the keg tables downstairs, but that doesn't help us out just yet).

If you are in the 'hood without the kiddos and can actually stay up late enough to imbibe at more than one bar, also check out Room 11 and The Wonderland Ballroom -- we just missed D.C. beer week, but they are still worth it!

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