Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me: Rainbow Popsicles

We had so much fun making green popsicles a few weeks back that mom got a little nutso with her Wilton's and decided to make rainbow popsicles.  Anticipating our lack of patience, mom mixed up the different flavors/colors during naptime and then I got to layer them in the molds.  Red was just some blended strawberries (no color added); orange was orange juice concentrate mixed with a little honey (and SERIOUSLY pumped up with some Wilton's -- it was a little too red, little too yellow, little too red, and on and on situation that led to a flourescent pumpkin-colored layer); yellow was colored vanilla yogurt; same with green; and blue was just blended blueberries.

These looked AWESOME and we ate them up.  Although I think mom was slightly worried about the impact of so much color on our intestines, but it didn't seem to be a problem.  The only problem was that mom decided to make (and let us eat) these the one week we were without a kitchen sink (we returned from our Shore trip to a broken faucet.  shocking).  It didn't make for a very pretty cleanup.

p.s. neither of us particularly liked the orange layer and it also did not freeze well which meant that the orange and red frequently stayed in the bottom of the mold.  why mom didn't anticipate that frozen orange juice concentrate, which is not frozen solid, would not, um, re-freeze more solidly, is beyond us.  if we did these again, i think we'd go back to using mango for the orange layer.

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