Monday, August 8, 2011

Man on the Moon: National Air and Space Museum Udvar-Hazy Center

It had been a while since we trekked out to the Udvar-Hazy Center and mom needed a BREAK after daddy has been traveling so much.  Lucky for us, Grandpa D-Rock was in town and he and daddy were willing to take us out to see the jet planes (and all other sorts of aviation and space related things, but I'm really partial to jet planes).  This joint is HUGE and is a great place to go during the winter or hot summer months to run around and let off some steam.  Unfortunately the Cessna that you can pretend to fly was closed and I'm still a little suspect of some of the flight simulators, but we did get to take a quick ride up to the Engen "control tower" and see some of the planes coming in to Dulles.  And Cami (and daddy who was chasing her) stretched her legs out on the gigantic ramps inside the hangar.  This is definitely one of our favorite museums in the D.C. area -- especially because the only restaurant is -- you guessed it -- "Old McDonalds."  And, yes, I rocked my "pilot's cap" the whole time.  Back in the day (four months is apparently about a bazillion years in SAHM time) mommy used to travel too, which meant twice the number of presents from random airport gift shops.  Although mom and daddy no longer have to have the "No, I got him the space ice cream in Houston.  You get him the crocodile head in Florida" conversation.  Daddy still hooks me up, but mommy did get me that cap and I LOVE IT.

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