About Us

Kane Samuel was reluctantly born on October 11, 2008 -- he simply did not want to come out. His name means "hard head" or "little battler" in Gaelic and he is true to his namesake. He loves to jump and faux beat-box (yes, at the same time), build with blocks endlessly, read, run with wild abandon, rough-house with his sister, and press his mother's buttons. He also loves to correct everyone and he is almost always right (Hmm. Wonder where he got that from. HINT:  It's not just his nose he got from daddy). His current nicknames include: Kaney Kane, The HurriKane, and The Green Machine.

Cameron Leah was born on April 28, 2010 -- she was happy to come out and was a snuggle bug from the get go. Her name apparently means "crooked nose" in Gaelic, which one of daddy's clients politely pointed out to him. She in fact does not have a crooked nose. She loves to laugh, sing, paint messily, change her shoes, start s*it with her brother, and she is fiercely independent (mom will take credit for the last in that list). Her current nicknames include: Ball-Buster Jones, Lambchop, and Cam-a-Lamb.

Mom and dad are old. They met in law school a long, long time ago. Mommy is a biglaw attorney taking a break from the practice of law to stay at home and shenanigan with us. In her spare time, she likes to have cocktails, pretend she's a backup dancer, and run. Daddy is a biglaw partner who can still get jiggy with it. He likes to pretend he has free time to do things he vaguely remembers liking to do, but instead he's a good sport about partaking in mom's crazy family adventures. Their nicknames are Public Safety Officer No. 1 and Boss, respectively.

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*photography credit: Darcy Troutman Photography