Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame: Cubbies Game

I got a special treat the last day of our vacation -- I got to go to a Cubbies game, during my naptime, and without Cami!  Plus Grandpa, Uncle Tim, and Police Office Nora Jane, my new bestie, came too!  And she bought me a giant Cubs paw (on top of already giving me an official Chicago Police Department hat).  I was in heaven.  I was definitely into the peanuts and hot dogs (and Nora) more than most of the game itself (although I liked cheering), but it was great weather and the Cubbies won (which we heard in the car on the way home - we jetted early - there was only so much missed naptime I was going to tolerate).  We got down there early and had a super yummy lunch at Goose Island Brewpub in Wrigleyville (a somewhat related sidenote -- mom and dad had a much anticipated dinner out at Frontera Grill earlier in the week.  apparently the only good thing about the dinner was the Goose Island Marisol brew.  save yourself 45 minutes and don't sit on hold to make a rezzie there 8 - 10 weeks in advance.  just walk in to the bar and get a Marisol).  Bucking the week's hot dog trend, mom introduced dad to Chicago's Italian Beef -- he liked it, but said it still doesn't beat a Philly Cheesesteak.  Not only did I put away some minisliders, but I still ate a dog at the game.

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