Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Skin: Brigantine, NJ

We got in our last summer trip to the beach last week - so sad, but we had a super fun time (even though daddy had to stay in D.C. all week - "boo for daddy" said Kane).  We spent lots of time at the beach and hit up one Brigantine oldie, Shark Park, and one new spot we've been jonesin' to get to, The Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

Even though it was pretty hot for Brigantine, Shark Park always has a nice cool ocean breeze (which is good, because there isn't much shade).  It's a community built playground and I really showed off my climbing and sliding skillz -- of course I had to do everything ALL BY MYSELF.  It's a pretty big park and it even has a little sand box (although the beach is about a 5 minute walk so I'm not sure who would play in the sand box instead).

Unfortunately, the Marine Mammal Stranding Center sounds a lot cooler than it was to actually visit.  There isn't much to see -- that is unless your brother question bombs the Center's Director into giving you a small private tour.  After Kane asked the Director (who mom is pretty sure was just passing through) questions like -- "where are the seals? why can't we see them?  where are the rescue boats?  I saw some online - why can't I see them?" -- you just might get to go down the "employees only" ramp for a peak at the Center's rescue boats and a detailed explanation of the ocean life in the "viewing tank" (really, just a fish tank where the Center houses some local fish).  It's a good cause though and you know we still hit up that gift shop (I got a seal purse!).

We also hit up one of our favorite local restaurants -- The Pirate's Den (we were never that keyed into pirate stuff before Kane became obsessed with them, but there are a lot of pirate-related things on the Island).  They always have great specials (particularly seafood) and obscenely large ice cream sundaes.  And we love the fish tank, the year-round santa decorations, and the seawall/beach is right across the street -- which means your grandparents can take you for a quick evening beach visit so your mom can eat in peace.

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