Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Day Sunshine: Sunlight Prints

So back when mom was still legitimately young enough to walk into Urban Outfitters (or thought she was -- at least she wasn't yelling "why is the music so *bleep* *bleep* loud?  how i am supposed to think about what i want to buy?!?!") mom bought this sunlight print kit.  Much to daddy's dismay, he helped lug that thing to three different cities in a box that remained mostly unopened for the better part of 8 years.  GOOD THING because we had a great time making some sunlight prints at the Shore.  Although you definitely don't need some fancy kit like this to make these prints (see, e.g.), I think mom found the book had some interesting ideas (including some pinhole camera ideas) and the photosensitive paper reacted in just a few minutes -- which was good for the attention span of all involved.  We made most of our prints with "nature" items we found in Nona's yard -- pine cones, holly leaves (ouch!), berries, flowers -- but we also made one from some buttons I found in Nona's house.  I liked that one the best.   My meerkat Robbie helped out, but eventually used the box from Nona's buttons as a boat and launched that in our developing water.  Pesky meerkats.

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