Monday, August 1, 2011

On an Island in the Sun: Theodore Roosevelt Island

OK, it wasn't a tropical island vacation, but the only kind of island I think mom is willing to take us to by herself is the kind with a big bridge she can run back across quickly if need be.  And even though in this case that bridge was in Virginia, we recently took a nice morning trip over to Theodore Roosevelt Island.  Armed with coffee (for mom) and the new Starbucks "snack packs" for us, we walked around the island for an hour or so in search of pirates (for Kane) and more snacks (for me).  We didn't find pirates or more snacks, but we did see some deer up close and personal.  And the island's proximity to Reagan airport provided tons of sweet air traffic to follow (and clearly made the deer immune to screaming toddlers).  Unfortunately Teddy's fountains are off for the summer, but we still had a good time climbing around the memorial.  Word to the wise, although technically our stroller made the looped hike with us, unless you have a real all terrain stroller, it's not a particularly easy ride (we should have brought the double-wide BOB, but then mom would have been left pushing an empty double-wide stroller while trying to keep tabs on both of us).

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