Friday, August 12, 2011

Sticky Fingers: Sidewalk Chalk Paint

This stuff is all over the blogosphere this summer (we first saw it here, which was actually from a few years ago) and we have been waiting for a good opportunity (and place, really) to make it.  So we took advantage of Nona's outdoor space (and willingness to let us color it) last week while we were at the beach.  Since we both loved the goo we made a while back, mom decided to make our paint more of a "goo like" consistency (she rightly anticipated that Cami would just want to pour it everywhere and wanted it to last a little longer).  She did a 2:1 ratio of cornstarch to water and used washable tempera paints to color it (it was what we had with us, otherwise we probably would have used our liquid watercolors).

OMG.  We played with this for forever (in toddler attention span time) -- hence the 8,000 pics mom took of us playing.  We found it worked best just to pour it out and use our feet, hands, and containers to play.  It wound up all over us, our hair (I think mom thought she'd have a few more years before we starting dying our hair technicolors, but turnabout is fair play), our teeth -- but all washed out in just two baths.  I wish we could make this all the time (but I'm pretty sure Nona and D-Rock don't -- such good sports).

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