Thursday, September 1, 2011

La Resistance Lives On: Crayon Watercolor Resist

OK, enough with the vacation posts!  We are still easing our way back into home after a summer chock full of traveling.  And given that mom seems to be tiring of dragging all of us all over the place, we have picked back up on some of our crafting.  Earlier this week, while Kane was still napping (I have now given up my morning nap, but much to mom's dismay, I am not taking a longer afternoon nap.  Sucker), mom and I tried out a variation on the many crayon watercolor resist projects out there (like this and this).  We didn't want to make it too complicated, given that I am 16 months old, so we stuck to regular crayons and a watercolor palette (even though lots of people recommend liquid watercolors for toddlers, I tend to just dump those out.  so the palettes work best for me -- mom just makes sure to get enough water on the little color pads for me).  I liked this one at first, but then I just really wanted to dump the water onto the page (after I tried to eat the paint, of course).  Turns out that made for a pretty cool painting, but I think this one will go back into the hopper for when we are a bit older.  I did get to do some fingerpainting for a little bit though, which is always nice and messy.

(mom had just gotten started)

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