Thursday, September 22, 2011

Born This Way: Maryland Renaissance Festival

Lately, if an event has even a vague connection to pirates, we'll be there.  Especially if its the weekend before International Talk Like a Pirate Day.  So last Sunday we hit up the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  Wow.  Let's get the good things out there first.  It was a beautiful day out and the festival is at a really cool location in the woods by Annapolis (apparently it's there all year long, but used only 19 days of the year).  It was a very family friendly event (and when it wasn't, it was easy to avoid.  Such as the performers who announced that their show wasn't "derogatory, but was a celebration of the female form."  moving on). There were lots of shows to see, FREE pony rides, a children's play area -- complete with, wait for it, wait for it ... A PIRATE SHIP, and reasonably priced food - $5 for a turkey leg the size of dad's head?  deal.  Plus I got a green sword and dagger.  And there were TONS of pirates walking around.  It was a good deal at $15 for adults and kids 6 and under FREE.

Now, there was also the small matter of the very very very interesting people in attendance at the festival.  I don't need to say much else about that except that it was very very very interesting.  Although I should point out that I see why dad was pushing the event -- mom's words of advice to me were "just because you can fit it into a corset, doesn't mean you should."  Not sure what that means, but dad said one day I will.  Also keep in mind that while panning for gemstones is a perfectly appropriate activity for kiddos, unsupervised playing with said gemstones for a 16 month old may lead to ingestion of a small amethyst stone.  I'm not saying it happened.  I'm just saying it could.  And it could also show up in her diaper the next morning.  Even shinier than when it went down.

Get there while you can -- it runs until October 23rd.


Darcy said...

We went a few years ago and I told F "look at the princess over there" turns out she wasn't a princess, but a lady in waiting. She yelled at me for my mistake, CRAZY!!! Have you ever been to Claude Moore Farm's Market Fair (this year it's the weekend of October 16th, I think)? It is similar to the Renaissance Festival but much more low key and the people are much more normal (and it's cheaper). Dan likes that they have beer and the kids love the activities, it's become our "go to" family event.

Kane and Cameron said...

We have never been the Claude Moore Farm - we pass it on our way to Clemyjontri and wondered about it. The fair looks fun and certainly anything would be less of a scene then RennFest (although, fortunately, there was beer there, too!). Maybe we'll check it out this year.