Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got a Race Car Grin: Clemyjontri Park

Seeing as we now only have one weekday a week where we are all together without any scheduled activities, mom promises to suck it up and take us good places again (at least while the weather is nice.  after that, all bets are off.  i see a crafty winter on the horizon).  Last Friday we hit up one of our favorite playgrounds -- Clemyjontri Park, which is also mom's worst nightmare in terms of keeping track of both of us by herself.  This place is HUGE.  And there are lots of spots to "lose" Kane, including a little maze that we both love.  This trip I particularly liked racing the cars, trying out my new "vroom vroom" noises.  We played for a long time in the nice weather until Kane became insanely possessive over one of the airplanes and I became insanely intent on dethroning him.  I had mom fooled for a bit when I pretended I just wanted to do some wing acrobatics ... and then I pounced on the suspecting (but still unwilling to move) pilot Kane.  Oh well.

The carousel is open only on weekends now (and only until November 6th), which I have the sneaking suspicion was just fine with mom.  I can only imagine her trying to hold both of us onto horsies that would inevitably rise and fall at different times.  Plus we were already fighting over the zebra and the thing was freakin' closed.  It went something like: Kane, "I want to ride the zebra."  Mom, "It's closed."  Cami, "mamama.  [mad gesturing at zebra]  mamamama."  Mom, "You guys, it's closed."  Kane, to people merely walking by the carousel, "I'm so sorry, guys.  The carousel is closed.  It's only open on the weekends.  And the pirate has to ride the zebra." Mom, "I think we're done here."  We'll be back.

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