Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spin Doctors: Spin Art with Plates

This was a super messy craft, but really really fun.  Seriously.  It might have been the longest amount of time I have spent on a craft since we built a volcano.  And I just kept asking mom for more and more paper to make prints.  Mom picked up this project here and although it seems like you could use lots of things around the house as a medium to hold the paint, we have about 8,000 hot pink dessert plates left from Cami's first birthday last year.  Between that and the green painters tape, we could seriously build an incredibly elaborate temporary shelter.

We used Crayola's bright washable fingerpaints (these are awesome and do seem to come out of everything, but to be on the safe side, mom stripped us down to our skivvies first) and dotted the colors on the underside of our paper plates.  Then we flipped the plates over, pressed down gently, and spun spun spun spun spun.  We used the same plate over and over again without wiping it off in between -- the colors got a bit muddled, but I thought that looked cool.  And I also did some impromptu hand printing.

Cam had a jump start on this one because she still gets up from naptime earlier (although mom has stretched her out to an hour and a half now - woo hoo!).  She liked it for a while and even did some fingerpainting with it.  But mostly she then wanted to squirt blue paint all over everything.  And she did not take kindly to mom putting the kabosh on that.  Can't win 'em all.

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