Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goose, it's time to buzz the tower.

We've seen lots of masking tape and duct tape raceway pics floating around bloglandia, but since I'm still flying high on our recent trip to SC, we decided to make a paint tape airport the other day.  We have a ridiculous amount of green paint tape lying around -- apparently 4 or 5 years ago daddy attempted to paint a small wall in our house and mom, always the overpurchaser of items needed for home improvement, thought he'd need 500 yards of paint tape.  The wall has since been repainted by "professionals," but we were left with enough paint tape to map out a football field.  Our airport construction was quick and dirty and consists of our parking garage (refurbished into the "control tower") and two main runways (one for the "jumbo jets" and one for the "regular jets"), but we've been playing with it for hours and hours and hours.

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