Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Turtle Time: Turtle Park (Friendship Park)

Yowsers, it's a scorcher today.  We made a trip up to one of our favorite playgrounds/spraygrounds today -- Turtle Park in AU.  Our plan had been to go yesterday (with an obligatory stop at Big Cheese which was serving up grilled goodness nearby), but because it rained we hit up the Building Museum for the second day in a row.  There was no grilled cheese today, but no one could have eaten it in this weather anyways!  And Big Cheese, we'll track you down again soon ....

Turtle Park is loved by many DC kiddos and is a must in the summer heat -- a large playground with a giant sandbox, a gazillion sandtoys and trucks (and even my fave lion walker!), and a sweet sprayground that has a soft bottom.  There are also nice shaded picnic areas and bathrooms.  I heat up quickly, so I was in that sprayground lickity split.  Kane began amassing all of the "construction vehicles" the moment we arrived and had a pretty nice fleet by the time mom drug him into the sprayground.  He was pleased to see that it had not been disturbed when we returned to the playground side.  With this D.C. heat, we'll be back again soon!

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