Friday, June 17, 2011

You Can Catch Me in the Park: Mitchell Park Playground

Continuing our quest for new D.C. parks, we visited Mitchell Park today.  We'd been to the actual park part before, but didn't even know there was a playground there.  And, um, a totally awesome playground at that.  Tucked behind a picturesque little white school house (where DPR holds one of its pre-school co-ops), is a sweet park that met almost all our current needs.  It has a soft floor, which is good for Cami's new walkin' legs.  It also has "big kids" and "little kids" jungle gyms, but unlike other parks, they aren't separated by a fence and they are fairly close together.  So mom could sit in the middle (there are lots of benches including some in the shade) and keep an eye on both of us.  There were also some pretty cute moms there, which was a bonus for me -- I'm particularly into the older ladies right now.  And the park had a waterfountain for us to fill up our cups after a long play in the hot sun.  The only thing it didn't have, which would have been very helpful to one potty-training toddler right now, was a bathroom.  There were some porta-potties, but they were locked -- I'm pretty sure mom was actually glad about that, though.  She's getting kind of sick of sitting on the floor of random bathrooms reading me books (or making up elaborate stories when she is without) so I can use the big-boy potty.  We met up with some of our friends and had a nice picnic in the park afterwards -- it has a big open field, but is (mostly) gated, so mom let me have my run of the place.  On to the next one ...

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