Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Park It: Walter Pierce Park

It has been so hot and sticky in DC that we decided to head to the Shore earlier than planned for the holiday weekend.  We are hittin' the road this morning sans daddy and we'll see how far we make it.  It's very possible we'll be placing a call from Maryland House after mom takes off and Kane and I spend all our dough at Bob's Big Boy - so keep your phones on.  Because mom still had to finish up the laundry from our last week away before we could pack for the Shore, we stayed pretty local yesterday.  We hit up one of our of favorite playgrounds -- Walter Pierce Park.  We hadn't been in a while -- it's all wood chips which didn't work out so well when I was still getting my walking legs.  But its one of Kane's favorites because it has a play fire truck.  While Kane and some local kids chased fires, fought off dragons, and fixed sirens, I showed off my slide skillz.  I can now climb up the stairs, walk to the slide, SIT DOWN on my bottom (a key step that I have been developing) and go right on down.  I do prefer to climb up the slide, but apparently that's not kosher playground behavior.  I'm still learning.  Walter Pierce is also one of mommy's faves because it's pretty close to a Starbucks (which is now also one of my favorites since I learned to use a straw and mommy let me have vanilla milk).  Here's to a smooth(ish) ride and cooler temps!

Some of our other favorites in the area of WP, include: Tryst (which we've blogged about as we are getting to be regulars on Sat/Sun mornings), The Diner (which is always open -- really it's open 24/7 -- and always loud), and there are a few nights left in Adam's Morgan free summer concert series that we are hoping to make.

(We know the Hipstamatic prints aren't always the best.  Mom was successful in getting a new battery charger for her camera, but has now broken and lost the battery door.  We're workin' on it!)

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