Friday, June 24, 2011

Patience Patients

Yesterday, to finally round out my "1 year appointment," which mom eventually took me to at almost 14 months, my doctor succeeded in hounding my mom to take me in for my blood work.  With Kane strapped tightly down in the stroller, I eyed up the phlebotomist as highly suspect.  I was right to -- on the first stick I let out a bloodcurdling scream and did not let up until we jammed out of there.  And then I was fine.  Like it never happened.  Total recovery.

Today Kane had his very first dentist appointment and mom had been talking it up literally for months (which is apparently how long it takes to get an appointment with a pediatric dentist in D.C.).  He was promised a new construction set and, GASP, "Old MacDonalds" for lunch if he cooperated.  I got to take a nap at Aunt Carrie's house this a.m., so I didn't get to witness the events firsthand, but from what mom said, it mostly went like this:

Kane and Robbie sat in the chair.  The dental assistant said "That's a really cute 
squirrel."  Kane said "Lady, this is a meerkat."  The doctor came in and said "Hey, look at that cool river otter."  Kane said "Dentist, this is a meerkat."  The dentist said "Wow, you're really tall for your age."  Kane said "Well, just a little bit.  I am a farmer.  I drove my tractor here today."  The dentist said "Oh really?  What kind of farmer are you?  Are you a sugar farmer?"  Kane said "No!  Sugar is not good for you.  You are the dentist?  That doesn't make any sense."  
Mom just smirked and told him to open up.  The rest went perfectly fine.

So it seemed like Kane handled it like a total champ.  That is until we got to go to one of his favorite parks once mommy picked me up -- Guy Mason -- and he lasted about 10 minutes before throwing his most outrageous tantrum yet.  He was not in the sharing mood -- and the other kids in the sandbox were not about to let the new arrival hijack all of the construction vehicles (which I totally get and mom did, too).  He got several chances and then mom said we had to leave, which did not really go over well with him.  Needless to say, we did not get to go to "Old MacDonalds" for lunch.  And we didn't get to spend hardly any time at the playground, which we love because (a) it's next to mom's old Whole Foods, which is gigantic compared to our local one; (b) it has a large sandbox (with the aforementioned construction vehicles); (c) it's across from Surfside  - one of our favorites; and (d) right by our Cousin Jack's house so he usually meets up with us.  But it just wasn't happening for us today.  Mom is losing patience with her patients.  

The good patient.

Pre-tantrum.  At least I got to eat my snack (sort of).

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