Thursday, June 16, 2011

Swim, Swoon, Kaboom

In light of the fact that Kane has refused to nap all week and I randomly decided that I did not need to nap this morning (what?  why is Kane the only one who gets away with no nap?!?), mom concluded that it must be the lack of vigorous aquatic exercise that was keeping us up (and CRANKY).  So we headed back to the Wilson pool today.  I think mom just figured that we were already throwing a total sh*t show at home, we might as well do it at the pool (where we ALWAYS throw one down).  But, it seems as though mom has come a long way in developing her pool locker room routine and we had an awesome time today (even though mom couldn't find our lock, which she has had since HIGH SCHOOL and for which she still knows the combination -- a point of victory of which she constantly reminds daddy because apparently he tried to get her to throw it out the third time he moved it in an unpacked box and challenged that she couldn't possibly remember the combo.  BOOYA.  except, now we've lost it).  A word to the wise -- the Wilson spray water features are apparently now back in the game, but you have to ask a lifeguard to turn them on.

After a yummy lunch (we were both so starving that I even ate asparagus) and a semi-decent nap for both of us, we got together a project that has been in the works for awhile -- A VOLCANO!  Yesterday we made up a big batch of no-bake playdough (well, Kane and mom did.  I was too psyched that I got to play with all of Kane's toys while he was captivated with the dough).  Mom thought no-bake would be a good route to go for such a big batch, but she found that she had to add much more flour (like 1/2 more than called for) to make it less sticky and more manageable.  Plus, it seemed like Kane actually got to help more with the "baked" version we made before -- the no-bake involved boiling water.

We took Veg on a much needed walk this afternoon (daddy is back in London and the dog walker is on vacaye) and picked up vegetation for our rainforest.  Then we got down to serious business -- well, again, Kane and mom did.  I was bored five seconds in when I realized I couldn't eat the playdough.  Kane and mommy built the cone out of a juice bottle.  The tutorial we were following, via The Artful Parent, called for a "soda" bottle.  First of all, its "pop."  Second, we don't drink it and mom thought the numerous red wine bottles in the recycling bin might be a bit dangerous.   So the "mountain" looked more like a juice bottle covered in playdough, but they did it up nice with some foilage, baby dinos, and baby rainforest animals.  We were supposed to use baking soda, but didn't have any of that.  We subbed in baking powder and never even got to the vinegar stage.  The baking powder reacted immediately and sufficiently violently with the dish soap and BOOM a red volcano (the pictures below would indicate that our volcano either was built during an ice age snow storm or was really having a good party.  alas, just some spilled baking powder).  Then of course Kane had to make a green explosion as well.  It was going all nice and dandy, but mom should have been on notice since the smooth sailing swim this a.m.  Kane threw a level-10 tantrum when mom couldn't fashion a working, hinged cave out of the now very soupy playdough for his baby t-rex.  I mean, seriously dude.  The lady just built you a flippin' volcano, you're lucky she doesn't just tie your foot to a bed and tell you to entertain yourself.

After that explosion subsided, Kane went ahead and peed all over the couch and mom's custom Eames pillow.  Not to be outdone, before she could get me in the bath (Kane had already been unceremoniously hoisted in in his pee-soaked big boy undies), I peed on the floor.  Come on Veg - don't let us down.  How about 3 for 3 today?

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