Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shawty got low low low low low low low: Isle of Palms, South Carolina

A few preliminary notes from mom and dad:

Things not to do while on vacation with Kane and Cameron in South Carolina:
1.  Somehow fail to actually charge the DVD player prior to both the to and return flights.
2.  Get so delayed on the return leg that you don't get home until 2:30 a.m. (and then, of course, walk into a stifling house without power).
3.  Consume the entire state's supply of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka the night before said return leg.

Things to definitely do while on vacation with Kane and Cameron in South Carolina:
1.  Use the lack of the DVD player as an opportunity to teach Kane to play Angry Birds on your iPad.
2.  Spend the entire vacation on the beach with two beach bums who refuse to ever leave the sand or water, which provides you with 4-hour plus naps from at least one of them (even though the other still gets up at ungodly hours).
3.  Consume the entire state's supply of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka (preferably spread out over the course of the vacation and NOT the night before an already horrific return travel).

*    *    *

WE LOVED THE ISLE OF PALMS.  We traveled down to the Lowcountry with all of our family for our Nona's wedding and spent the whole week at Wild Dunes, which we loved (despite the lack of a really good pool) because: (1) we had an awesome condo at the Village with a really breezy balcony and view; (2) the beach had big stretches of sand for digging, tidal pools in which we could work up the confidence to splash in the ocean, and plenty of space for Cami's 5:40 a.m walks with mom and dad; (3) the WARM WARM WARM ocean water; (4) of all of the family-friendly activities (we saw brief glimpses of magic shows, movie nights, and dance parties that we plan to work in when we get a little older); (5) and all of the restaurants served french fries.

We wish we could fill our first real post on our new blog with all sorts of South Carolina adventures -- we had horseback rides, beach crafts, and Civil War history trips planned.  But dude, we just really did not leave the beach.  We did have an excellent "rehearsal dinner"at The Boathouse -- the sunset view was ridiculous and we actually saw dolphins from the rooftop bar.  Word is that Mom and Dad loved Morgan's Creek at the IOP Marina and Poe's Tavern and Home Team BBQ on Sullivan's Island (but note that Home Team's "Painkiller" is a total misnomer).  And Nona's wedding went off without a hitch (mostly) -- mom even pulled off the wedding flowers (with lots of help from Grammie B and Ms. Ashleigh).

We think the pictures say it all, but our highlights included Cami learning how to walk without dragging Mom and Dad around by one pinkie, Kane braving the ocean and really swimming, and both of us being total troopers on the nightmarish trip home (at least we had dinner with a view of the runway and made out like bandits in the kids store in the Charleston airport).  We WILL be going back there.  (Bear with us as mom bones up on her HTML editing for fancier pic arrangements - she is still recovering from the return trip!)

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