Monday, June 20, 2011

Dada, Daddy, Woof

We had a terrific time celebrating Father's Day with our daddy yesterday.  Earlier in the week, we worked with mommy to make really cool paintings for daddy.  First mommy stuck green (of course) letters on some art board outlining the different names Kane, Veg and I all call daddy.  Then we used sponge brushes to paint all over the board, including covering the letters.  Mom helped Veg out with his paw prints -- it was really funny because he seemed to like doing it (he was probably just happy to get some attention for once!).  Kane ended up just brushing his all together with his fingers, I did a little finger painting too, and mom filled in around Veg's pawprints for him.  When they were dry, mom peeled off the letters (which she said wasn't so easy to do where the paint was REALLY heavy over the letters, FYI) and voila!  Silhouette names of all the things we call daddy.  He loved them!

Our plan had been to get out of the house yesterday morning and take Veg for a run (part of daddy's Father's Day present was a night out with the guys on Saturday, so he appeared to really need to sleep in), but since it was raining when we woke up (at 6:12 a.m.), instead we got to go eat breakfast at Tryst!  We love Tryst because (1) it opens at 6:30 a.m.; (2) they give you animal crackers (everyone, not just kids); (3) they have old couches, chairs and tables that no one cares if you jump all over or have an impromptu spoon band jam session on; and (4) mom gets to see Adams Morgan the morning after Friday/Saturday night, which makes her feel better about the fact that she is no longer out the night before at Tom Tom (where she and daddy had their first "date") and eating slices of 'za as big as her head at Pizza Mart (although, we do still go to the kids happy hour at Reef, including last Friday night).  We brought some breakie home for daddy, too.

After my little morning nap (I'm really trying to give that up and mom is really having none of that), we headed down to the Mall for the World Children's Festival.  Even though the air was super soupy humid, we hung out and got to see some really cool children's choirs, dancing, and artwork.  Mom was "quite very much" (as Kane would say) into the Turkish Marbling Art (Ebru) and has some plans in the works to try it out.  It looked way cooler than our shaving cream marbling (although that was a lot of fun to do)!

breakin' it down at The Reef kids happy hour

for dada, daddy, woof

World Children's Festival

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