Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We'll Be Playing and Having Fun: Kalorama Park

We've stopped and played at this smallish park frequently over the summer -- it's on the way when we walk to music class and is a good stop if you are short on time, but need to stretch those legs.  Now that schools have started back up, it can get a little crowded during the day.  But I still find time to make the climbing structure into a pirate ship and run away from mom when its time to leave.  The "little kids" side is for pretty little kids -- even Cami gets bored over there.  And the big kid side is still just a little too big for her -- she can't climb up onto the playground structure herself.  If you're in the Adams Morgan 'hood, like if you just had some brunch at Tryst or The Diner, its a good little spot to run off some steam.  Although the very close by Walter Pierce park is still our favored in the area.

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