Monday, September 12, 2011

She Blinded Me with Science: Slime FAIL

So mom has become totally pinterestsessed and recently saw this cool idea for slime.  But we didn't have any Borax so she googled how to make it with laundry starch and found this.  We were doing this kind of on the fly, however, and she really didn't pay attention to the fact that she wasn't using liquid starch.  Once we mixed everything up, we did not have anything close to slime.  Given that we follow the general American rule that more is always better, we simply dumped a lot more starch and glue in until we had something less liquid, but clearly not slime.  It was gooish, but didn't have a liquid phase like goo does.  I thought it was AWESOME and started globbing it all over the place.  Cam was not a fan, particularly because mom really didn't want her to eat it (having just dumped a boat load of laundry starch in it).  So I played with it for a while.  And then it happened.  Mom and I realized simultaneously that not only was this not slime or goo, it appeared to be the "I will cling to every surface and not budge" matter.  That was the point when I developed a sudden (not totally irrational) fear of not becoming clean and mom realized she had totally miscalculated the consumption of children's time vs. clean-up time of this particular activity.  Oh well.  Cam and I had an extra bath and mom spent the rest of the afternoon scraping off the table with a spatula.  I think we should do it again.

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