Monday, September 5, 2011

Come Out and Play: 14th & Girard Street Park

In anticipation of Irene last week, we hit up our Target for some extra batteries and a flashlight (they only had three left and they were mini flashlights from the Cars movie.  and the man told mom that "she could only take one."  reflexively, mom said "says who?" then she realized she did not want or need three mini Cars flashlights and, since the other natives were already getting restless, we jetted).  We also stocked up on matchbox cars (did you know its pretty hard to find pink or purple matchbox cars?  Cami wanted some of her own and I know that everything that is purple or pink is Cami's).  With the storm on its way, we went straight from Target to the nearby 14th & Girard Street Park to race our new cars (the park is part of the Columbia Heights Community Center).  And even though summer is dwindling, the spray park was still on.  After playing for a bit, I walked out from behind a jungle gym with a handful of dorritos.  Then I had to have a conversation with mom about "strangers."  I tried to explain to her that "it doesn't matter.  Pirates just like chips."  But other than that, it was a real good time.

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