Thursday, September 8, 2011

Here Comes the Sun: Tissue Paper Stained Glass

We have seen some "pretty serious" stained glass projects made with tissue paper, but since mom was not sure how to keep us from adhering our faces to contact paper, she kept it pretty simple.  We pressed these precut tissue paper squares onto contact paper.  Mom had removed only 1/2 of the contact paper backing (so we could only stick half of it onto our faces) and after we had placed the tissue paper (or, in Cami's case, after she had crumpled up the tiny squares and was trying to eat them, but was POd that they were sticking to the contact paper), mom took the backing off of the second half and folded it over on top -- sealing in the little tissue paper squares.  When dad got home from work that night we showed him what we had made for his office.  Hm.  They are still up in our windows.  Dad must have forgotten them.  Again.

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