Monday, September 26, 2011

Yes I am a Pirate: Pirate Popsicles

We celebrated "Talk Like a Pirate Day" pretty much all week last week.  It had been a while since we had made popsicles so we busted out our Wilton's and decided to make some green (bananas and vanilla yogurt), white (just vanilla yogurt), and black (blackberries with a little Wilton's) striped pops.  Shocking that we'd buck the traditional red, white, and black.  Our stripes were a little loosey goosey, but they were delicious.  And this was Cam's first opportunity to join in the actual making of pops (instead of just the taste testing and eating) -- she got to help mom cut up bananas and blend them with yogurt.  She did pretty well for a first timer.  I picked out the star popsicle molds because, as I told mom, "pirates followed the stars with their ships."  True story.  I also told mom that I didn't want to make any "orange" layers (recall our frozen orange juice folly) -- guess its scurvy for us!

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