Friday, September 2, 2011

One was Called Diplodocus: National Museum of Natural History

We came out on the other side of Hurricane Irene looking pretty good -- no real damage at our house, no real damage to Nona's NJ beachouse (or Nona - who evacuated to our house!), no loss of power, and beautiful day-after-hurricane weather.  We started out the somewhat still cloudy morning with a trip to the National Museum of Natural History, thinking that the hurricane might keep away some visitors.  It was still pretty busy, but we had a nice morning checking out the Mammal Hall, the Dinosaur Hall (where mom and I looked for pirate dinos), and took a quick visit up to the Insect Zoo (we had just missed the tarantula feeding, but got to see a pretty cool Walking Stick -- Cami really liked that).  We walked out into bright sunshine and took a little spin through the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, which is right next door.  Pretty sweet.

I'm 2 years old.  Sometimes I take things quite literally.

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