Friday, September 16, 2011

White Blank Page: Tape Resist Painting

The other day, inspired by lots of the cool tape resist art out there recently, mom dug out one of those rolls of green painting tape we've been using for all sorts of things this summer and helped us tape up large pieces of watercolor paper.  I directed mom on mine and Cam just said "ma ma ma ma," which mom said could only mean that Cami was asking for a taping to honor the recent Missoni for Target "launch" (aka total obliteration of all human decency in our local Target store on Tuesday -- at least mom got Cam some sweet duds even though she had to fake out the pint-sized grown woman trying to nab things from the children's section for herself.  the few things mom got for herself aren't working out - she is debating whether ebaying them would be too big of a PIA) and she taped her up a crude chevron pattern.  I promptly made a giant hole in my painting, but I stuck with it for a little bit.  Mom promises to cut out the cool triangles and make them into something else for me -- a greeting card perhaps?  I am obsessed with greeting cards.  I picked out a bunch at Target "for my birthday."  I also asked for several different boxes of Kleenex and some toothpaste.  I may be taking this whole birthday thing a bit too far.  Nah.  Cami painted for a long time, despite spilling several cups of watercolors on herself.  Her painting will also need a bit of rescuing and she used so much paint that it seeped under the tape (you can still see a faint chevron pattern though).  But the paper mom put under Cami's painting to help dry it out turned out cool all on its own!

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