Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baubles, Bangles and Beads: Light Table Beading

Mom randomly found some plastic, large-eyed needles in our junk drawer and we decided they'd be good to use for some beading.  And because we look for any excuse to use our light boxes, we pulled out the beads that came with our light table kit and used those.  I could do it as long as mommy held on to the needle and thread -- I slid the beads over the top of the needle.  Kane wanted to do it all himself, which he did a few times.  He also set the beads down and then put the needle through, which worked better for him.  But he refused to let mommy tie a knot in the bottom of the thread, so that kind of put an end to that.  Then he just wanted to throw the beads around.  But I've done this a few times with mommy by myself and I really like it -- it's a good way to spend a little quiet time working on fine motor skills.

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