Thursday, March 1, 2012

Born to Rock: Tot Rock at Discovery Theater

We've been waiting for Tot Rock since hearing about it at a Discovery Theater puppet show over the holidays and we were excited to see that the famed Rocknocerous would be kicking off the series.  But, to be honest, we were kind of disappointed.  The sound wasn't great and we were not that impressed by Rocknocerous.  Kane kept asking where Recess Monkey was and just kind of laid down on mom's lap once he came to grips with the fact that his favorite band was not playing.  Of course I wanted to sit in mom's lap, so that presented some issues for a while.  But eventually I got up and shook my bottom.  And Jammin Java, partners in the series with the Smithsonian, provided free bagels and coffee, which was a plus in all our books.

We know this series has a lot of potential and we'll definitely make some of the future performances.  And maybe Rocknocerous was just having an off day (it was their second performance of the day) -- we trust they play better shows because there were SERIOUS mom groupies there.  I mean moms who pushed kids out of the way for a front row seat, brought their own instruments (for them, not for their children), and sang every word to every song.  It was really, um, something.

Tot Rock is currently slated to run through June on the last Thursday of each month.

raise the roof?

"sorry, bubs.  recess monkey is not showing up."

too cool for school.

i'm not gonna say i was making the universal sign for "pukey."  but i'm not gonna say i wasn't.

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