Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In that Ole' Virginey: Children's Museum of Richmond

A few weeks ago we took a weekend trip down to Richmond, Virginia for the wedding of our beloved former nanny, Ashleigh.  It was a quick trip and it rained a lot, but we managed to get ourselves around town a bit.  We stayed at The Jefferson Hotel and it's hard to pick our one favorite thing about it -- what between the alligators, the gigantic staircase, and the clear indication from mom and dad that we were to behave ourselves, but little they could do about it in front of some of those glaring, southern stares, it's an impossible choice.  But I think the California King bed I had all to myself and the room service breakfast mom and dad let us order both mornings and eat in bed while watching cartoons topped it all.  We just couldn't get over it.

We also really, really liked the Children's Museum of Richmond.  We've been to several of these types of museums now (Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia) and this was by far our favorite -- it's big, but unlike the others it doesn't feel closed in -- there is a lot of open space and it is easy to oversee multiple kids in the inevitable multiple kids in multiple exhibits situation.  There was also some French carnival going on when we were there and they were handing out french toast, french vanilla yogurt, french cheese (it was very "Better Off Dead").  I favored the mechanic room and spent some serious time changing tires.  Cami loved the bat cave.  And the outdoor area looks like it would be a blast in warmer weather.  If we ever find ourselves down south again, and for all of mom's protesting, we're sure we will, we will make a point to visit CMOR again.  If you are a member of any of the children's museums that belong to the Association of Children's Museums (all of those we listed above are), then you get reciprocal benefits at CMOR -- we all got in "free" on our membership.

After the museum, mom pulled some iPad magic and found The Dairy Bar for lunch -- a close-by diner that was kitschy and very kid-friendly.  Had we eaten anything other than our milkshakes and then both had major meltdowns, we could affirm mom and dad's assertions that the food was also delicious.  We continued to have major issues as the day went on, and even missed the actual wedding ceremony, but we screeched into the reception in time for dinner and dancing.  What a beautiful bride!  (Matt looked pretty good, too).

"OK, they seem not to have noticed yet.  how do you think we work this thing?"

the soundtrack running through my head was very similar 
to Andy Samberg and T-Pain's "I'm On A Boat."

CMOR, baby

the wedding (reception)

the only picture of our family -- i'm literally jacking dad in the face.  really.

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