Monday, March 12, 2012

Rainbow Connection: Rainbow Roller Painting

We go through a ridiculous number of paper towels in our house -- it's not particularly environmentally friendly, so we generally try to save the rolls and at least do something creative with them.  We've spotted several cool paper towel painting projects recently (like this) and thought we'd try out a rainbow one for St. Patty's Day.  We just squirted drops of tempera paint onto a paper towel roll in a rainbow pattern and then rolled it out onto paper.  Mom, knowingly against her better judgment, let me do the squeezing.  But I surprised everyone and showed some restraint.  I did several prints with one roll and then started over.  And by my the third roll, I was over rainbows, but continued to roll the colors out in a pattern (instead of mixing them all together, which is what I usually do).  I also did one where I squeezed little bits of paint around on the page directly.  Cami rolled for a bit, but then wanted to mix all of the colors together.  And then she wanted to paint her face.  And then she was in the bath.  

I really liked doing this and think the rolls themselves turned out pretty cool looking.  We're trying to decide if we should turn the paintings into something else or leave them as is.  Maybe a rainbow garland?  We still have our heart one up!

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Darcy said...

love this idea. I think i may have to try it:)