Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's a Beautiful Life: Family Day at the House of Sweden

Given the weather this past weekend and the realization that our family's collective allergies were making it pretty impossible to be outside for long periods of time (damn you, pollen), we were on the lookout for some new indoor activities.  Enter House of Sweden.  Housing both the embassies of Sweden and Iceland, mom and dad had been wanting to get in for a look for quite a while.  Not that it's hard to get into, the House of Sweden holds all kind of different exhibitions.  It's just hard to get free time, they claim.  So the family day seemed like a perfect opportunity -- the Embassy of Sweden was offering story times, science shows, a Swedish fishing pond, and a Swedish photo prop op.  Wouldn't you know that when offered all of that, all Kane and I wanted to do was take over the small Swedish red cottage out front?  Literally - we attempted to bar all others from entry, which wasn't that difficult because the play cottage locked from the inside (who builds a child playhouse that locks from the inside?  those Swedes ....).  If your kids aren't acting like us, this would be a super fun event.  Plus the House of Sweden's architecture is awesome and it;s right on the river at the Georgetown waterfront.  I'm sure we'll try again next year.

we were happy to mess with the props while waiting in line and others were trying to use 
them, but when it came to actually taking the picture, no dice.

look there are some blossoms.  now get back inside before we all break out in hives.

ya can't come in.  

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