Friday, March 2, 2012

Is It Glowing You?: Blacklight Glow Paint

Since our blacklight bubble play, we've been asking mom almost every day to get the blacklight out and play in the bathroom.   And seeing as our nightly baths have been turning into WWF matches with increasing frequency, mom thought that a glow in the dark paint bath might keep us occupied while she was getting us cleaned up.  She found these glow in the dark/blacklight face paints on Amazon and we went to town.  Cami of course completely covered herself.  I chose a more targeted approach, but we both had tons of fun.  And then we had no choice - mom had to wash the paint off, so we got really clean!  These are a little pricey, so I think next time we'll try mixing some of the paint into shaving cream (like these paints we've made before and these we spotted on Pinterest).  The blacklight is seriously saving our sick of winter selves.

SAFETY NOTE: we're no safety experts and we're pretty sure it goes without saying, but if you do this, make sure your blacklight is no where near the bathtub.

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