Monday, January 30, 2012

Must I Paint You a Picture: Shaving Cream Tub Paint

The weather in D.C. took a remarkably good turn at the end of last week -- even though Friday started out really rainy, the clouds cleared and it was 60 and sunny all afternoon.  So obviously Cami and I refused to go outside.  Truthfully, I think we all had a little bug.  But instead of just saying that, I told mom that "I really hurt my leg and can't walk."  I flopped around on the ground for a bit.  Then I took up one of my favorite (and most irritating to mom and dad) pass-the-time activities of jumping across the living room repeatedly.  Mom said, "Gee, your leg doesn't seem to bother you when you are jumping."  I said, "Hey, you're right.  I think the jumping helps.  But I still don't think I can walk at the park."  Can't get one over on me.  

Mom decided to break out an activity she'd been wanting to try again, but with Cami and I separate this time.  A few months ago she whipped up a batch of homemade bathtub paint with shampoo, cornstarch and food coloring.  Things went a little awry with Cam and I in the same tub, so this time she decided to split us up.  And she made the paint using just shaving cream and washable fingerpaints.  No real recipe to follow -- just squirt some shaving cream into containers and mix in fingerpaints until you get the desired colors.  I called mine "shower paints" and took them to my shower.  Cam kept them as tub paints and used her bathtub.  We got MUCH more mileage out of them this time and they spilled less easily because of the foam.  Of course things went south when Cami painted her eye, but it took more time to get there than last time! 


Cath said...

What a fabulous idea! Can't wait until Baby Lu stops eating everything in sight so that we can try this.

Kane and Cameron said...

When you do, remember not to leave it in the bathroom for her to find later once the shaving cream has collapsed and the paint has concentrated. I don't know her, but chances are she'll do what my kids did upon finding such treasure - paint the outside of the shower and the bathroom floor with neon paint.