Tuesday, January 24, 2012

So Crack a Bottle: Tissue Paper Bottle Lights

Because one of mommy's friends seriously misremembered a previous juice cleanse experience as "not that bad," mom figured it would be a good way to start of the new year.  One of the only good things to come out of the whole thing was a large quantity of stylish plastic bottles (for what it's worth, that doesn't make the juice taste any better) and we've been coming up with all sorts of fun crafts for them.  We've also been wanting to crack back open the fairly large amount of laundry starch mom bought last summer (which we thus far had only tried to use in a pretty epic slime FAIL).  So we came up with using our bleeding tissue paper to make bottle lanterns.  Mom mixed up a batch of liquid laundry starch while we helped tear the tissue paper into strips.  We then brushed a fair amount onto the plastic bottle, placed a strip of tissue paper, and then lacquered that baby up some more.  I liked layering lots of pieces and Cami went a little more minimal.  Then, for the best part, once they were dry, mom busted out our new Fairy Berry Lights and we each dropped them into the bottle.  Instant night light.  And although I was too scared of them to have them in my room in the dark, I liked watching them in the living room for a while (and I'm pretty sure they helped light my way up to mom and dad's room during my nightly trip to wake them).  The lights only last about 24 hours, but the batteries are replaceable.  And the bottles look pretty all on their own when the sun shines through.

p.s. between my new school schedule, the yucky weather, and cami's afternoon nap, we have been stuck inside A LOT.  so although we usually like to post a mix of "things to do" and "places to see," we're afraid the arts and crafts posts will continue to be a little heavier for a while.

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