Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Give Me Light for My Lantern: Chinese New Year Lanterns

Mom recently purchased some of these paper lanterns and we had plans to use our bleeding tissue paper on them (we really loved our Hanukkah craft using the paper), but once we realized the Chinese New Year is next week (January 23rd) and we love any excuse for a party, we decided to make Chinese New Year lanterns.  Which, in our vast experience, simply called for us to paint them using red, yellow and gold colors.  First we used red and yellow liquid watercolors.   Cami went more minimal and I (surprise) pretty much soaked my first one.  Once they dried over night, we went back at them with our new gold Biocolor (we heart this stuff).  Mom strung them together with our sisal twine (will we EVER use that up?) and we hung them above our dining room/craft/home for the never-ending pile of laundry that needs to be folded table.  We think these turned out super cool and we're on the lookout for some more holiday related crafts!

(mom hates these light fixtures which we in when they bought the place.  in addition to reminding her of austin powers for some reason (who puts pointy arrows on the end of a track light?!?), one light is always out and the bulbs are expensive and impossible to change.  totally unrelated rant from mom).


Cath said...

I saw some beautiful Chinese New Year lanterns while I was out today and thought, "I'd love to make some of my own!"

These are even sweeter than the ones I saw. :)

Kane and Cameron said...

Thanks, Cath! You should make some, too. Who doesn't love a good excuse to party?