Monday, December 19, 2011

Put On Your Yarmulke, it's Time for Hanukkah: Hanukkah Stained Glass

Mom tells us that she is "super happy" that Hanukkah and Christmas fall at the same time this year.  Our house has been exploding with holiday crafts for the past few weeks in preparation and we recently made these very pretty Hanukkah stained glass pieces.  We used these stained glasses as inspiration (and for the templates!), but instead of collaging the tissue paper directly on the back of the black construction paper, mom had us make collages on a piece of white watercolor paper (it is a little thick for light to shine completely through, but it holds up well) using watered down Elmer's glue with a paint brush.  Then mom cut out the templates and glued them on top.  Kane was interested only in tearing up the pieces of bleeding tissue paper (which is a totally awesome art material that we haven't used before), but not in the collaging.  I liked sitting on mom's lap and placing the tissue paper down while she brushed the glue on.

We had lots of little strips of collaged paper left that were too pretty to throw away.  Mom is in the midst of a massive present wrapping effort (perhaps why she is "super happy" about the intersection of holidays this year?) and thought they'd make neat gift tags.  She used her Recollections tag punch and punched out a whole bunch.  Grammie B made some too and even put some glitter in the glue for some sparkle.  Mom stamped a set of 16 to use for our Hanukkah presents with the first letter of our name and the number of the night (C1, C2, etc.).

I see lots and lots of bleeding tissue paper crafts in our future!

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