Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Walking in a Winter Wonderland: Winter Wonderland at Smithsonian Discovery Theater

We hadn't been to the Smithsonian Discovery Theater in a while, but we were excited to see that the theater was having Bob Brown in for a puppet show this holiday season.  We've seen Bob Brown at Glen Echo before and even though his schtick doesn't change much from show to show, we think he's hilarious every time.  Plus I have recently taken a liking to The Muppets and Mr. Brown used to puppeteer for The Muppets (and something called Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, too).  Also on our list is to go check out the ORIGINAL Kermit at the National Museum of American History.  I sat well and laughed for the whole show.  Cami played a game of "test mom's parenting limits in front of crowd."  Thank goodness Grammie B was with us.  "Winter Wonderland" is over, but you can check out "Seasons of Light," which runs throughout the holidays.  And keep an eye out for the theater's upcoming Tot Rock Series (in partnership with Jammin' Java) -- they'll be the last Thursday morning of every month starting February 2012.

Yes, I see that line.

And now you see that line, behind me.

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