Thursday, December 15, 2011

O Christmas Tree: Printmaking Paper Ornaments

Can you tell that we are in FULL ON holiday mode?  We loved making our snowglobes in school with momma, but she knew it wouldn't take that much time.  So she planned a second craft doing basic printmaking again (we loved it so much the first time).  We each used red and green glitter paint and painted right on our table.  Momma then helped us press a piece of white posterboard onto the painted area to make a print.  Once they dried, she used her circle cutter to cut out various sizes of ornaments, punched a hold in each, and tied a glittery piece of ribbon on them.  Nothing complicated, but we think they look nice hanging in our window (we have yet to get our tree and we better soon -- we have lots of new ornaments to hang!).

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