Friday, December 16, 2011

You Have Led Me to the Banks of Quiet Waters: Quiet Waters Park

Back in the day, when Vegas was the only child, mom and dad used to pack the car and head up to Annapolis for the day to let Veg run the dog beach at Quiet Waters Park.  We hadn't ever been with them and since Veg has gotten the short end of the stick lately, we took him up a few weekends ago.  Of course the dog beach had been washed out and was closed (with no currently planned reopening), but we decided that he'd still be pretty psyched about a nice "hike" in the woods.  There are many different trails at Quiet Waters, with sculpture placed throughout the Park, and we decided to take one of the paved paths.  All was good for about 2 minutes.  Then Cami and I decided that we both needed to be carried and I threw a tantrum over my inability to find the exact perfect "walking stick."  (more accurately at mom and dad's refusal to let me carry ridiculously large, pointed tree branches as walking sticks).  Poor Veg ran bigger and bigger loops around us and you could almost hear him muttering, "seriously, kids?  you can't even let me have one GD hike?"  Oh well.  We chilled out a bit at the sweet playground and were in better spirits when we made it over by the skating rink to the Garden Cafe for a little Pit Boys lunch.  There is a really nice room to have lunch, complete with fireplace, overlooking the garden and skating rink.  But we suggest bringing your own lunch -- Pit Boys tasted great, but didn't sit so well with anyone.  After lunch Cam and I insisted that we were ready to behave and hit the trails again, but our attitude adjustments were a bit late.  It was nap time.  If you are in the area and have time, we also suggest checking out Cantler's Riverside Inn for an authentic crab feast.

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