Monday, November 21, 2011

Crab If You Want Her: Cantler's Riverside Inn

If you are not from the Maryland shore, as most D.C.'ers are not (in fact, most of them are transplants from all over the place), the local obsession with Maryland crabs is hard to understand.  That is, until you go to Cantler's Riverside Inn.  And even though we aren't technically "from the shore," we are "born and raised" locally (all 1.5 - 3 years of our existence).  So, we get it.  And we get ourselves to Cantler's every few months all year long to gorge.  Lots of people think "all that work for this little bit of meat?"  But all that "work" is fun -- what toddler wouldn't want to wail away with a wooden mallet and check out live crabs in Cantler's holding tanks?  Summer is by far our favorite time of the year to go -- get there EARLY to get a seat outside and watch the boats along the river.  But fall and winter are just as fun and perhaps a little less crowded.

Kane's First Visit -- August 2009 -- 10 months old
(this was also Cami's first visit, in utero)

Most Recent Visit -- October 2011

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