Thursday, November 24, 2011

And I Want to Thank You: Giving Thanks

Inspired by No Monsters in My Bed's periodic "Grateful Lists" (oh those kiddos are going to love looking back on those later in life), momma and I decided to make Thanksgiving cards using the marbled leaves we made, some of my drawings, and things for which I was thankful.  Of course, we never quite got it all together (explaining the concept of thankfulness took a bit).  But we have the base there and we'll save the cards we made to send out next year.  Here are a few of the things I am grateful for this year:

1. "Being happy."
2.  "Because you let me help you make the cake."
3.  (about Grammie B) "Taking me to her house."
4.  (about Nona) "Chairs.  Sitting down with us."
5.  (about daddy) "For spending a lot of money."
6.  "For putting baby sister down." (for her nap)
7.  (followed by) "My sister."
8.  "For sharing at the museum."
9.  "For giving back." (as related to sharing at the museum)
10. "For dad."
11.  "Just Kaney."
12.  "The car."

Cam has yet to get much of a word in edgewise.  She seems to have taken to brute force lately to get her point across, which doesn't really match up that well with our "thankfulness" exercise.  We're sure that when she can talk better, up there on her list will be that she's thankful I piped down for a bit.

Happy Turkey Day!!! We'll catch you on the flip side!

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