Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pebbles and Marbles: Marble Painting

We've seen many many versions of marble painting and we decided to try out one of our own.  Because we go through paper towels in our house like no one's business (we know, we know, it's not very green.  But believe me, it's very very Green), we have lots of paper towel rolls saved up and decided to use those.  Mom rubberbanded a piece of foil on the bottom, rolled up a piece of paper and put it in the tube, dipped the marbles in paint, dropped them in, tinfoiled the top, and let us shake away.  Kane wasn't very interested, but I thought it was pretty fun to shake away.  But this project didn't hold my interest for long either -- I couldn't really see what was going on and mom wasn't in enough of a "free for all" mood to let me dip and drop the marbles myself (and, no, i don't think my past history of ingesting small gemstones should have been relevant to that decision).  Oh well.  Clearly the only way to go with marble painting next time is large scale.

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